Episode #1: Outbreak

Welcome to AudioPanicRoom, a show about the dangers of sustained exposure to old-ass computer and video game music. This first episode is a haphazardly thrown together list of personal favorites covering tunes from 13 different systems.

Download Episode #1: Outbreak (80 MB, mp3) here
…or watch it on Youtube


01 “Deadlock” – (1995, FastTracker) by Jussi-Matti Mikael Salmela (Elwood)
02 “Boss Theme” – Kyuukyoku Senki Gikadiver (1996, X68000) by CUR
03 “Main Theme” – Iceblaster (1992, Commodore 64) by Stefan Hartwig
04 “Tower” – Hyper Iria (1995, SNES) by Kiyotaka Sato, Shintarou Hirakawa, Nobuhiro Makino
05 “Geil Glacial Park” – Project S-11 (2000, Gameboy) by Aleksi Eeben (Heatbeat), Jonne Valtonen (Purple Motion)
06 “BGM #1” – The Plague (1990, Amiga) by Ron Klaren
07 “Tengurila” – Zombie Nation (1990, NES) by Takane Ohkubo, Norio Nakagata
08 “NewSan” – MegaRace (1993, MS-DOS) by Stéphane Picq
09 “Night Raider” – (199X, MDX) by Napo.sun
10 “Main Theme” – Red Max (1987, Atari 800) by David Whittaker
11 “Time Trial” – Socket (1993, Mega Drive) by Y. Hamada, S. Masuko, Y. Suzuki, F. Tamayama
12 “T_004” – Toumei Ningen Arawaru (1993, PC-9801) by Akira Sato
13 “Rockin’ [In-Game Theme 2]” – The Light Corridor (1991, ZX Spectrum) by Alberto Jose González
14 “Main Theme” – Mousin’ Around (1989, Pinball) by Dan Forden
15 “Stage 6: Crystal World” – Wings of Death (1990, Atari ST) by Jochen Hippel (Mad Max)
16 “Overcharge” – (1994, MOD) by Robert Szczepaniak (Roberts)


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