Episode #4: Gods in Underpants

While you are wondering how you could possibly have fallen for the inane click-bait title, you get to listen to an assortment of not-so-bad-tunes from an age long past.

Download Episode #4: Gods in Underpants (79 MB, mp3) here
…or watch it on Youtube


01 “Main Menu” – Battlestorm (1992, CDTV) by Titus
02 “Stage 4” – Dokkaebi-ga Ganda (1995, MS-DOS) by Senori Box
03 “Onward (TG95 Music Compo)” – Demo (1995) by Jukka Kaartinen (Jugi)
04 “Visual Scene C” – Rhyme☆Star (1994, PC-9801) by Takeshi Abo
05 “Level 1 Theme” – Hoi (1992, Amiga) by Ramon Braumuller
06 “Ending Theme” – Dangerous Seed (1990, Mega Drive) by Yoshinori Nagumo
07 “Main Theme” – Bee 52 (1992, Commodore 64) by Gerard Gourley
08 “Mission 3” – Fire Hawk: Thexder The Second Contact (1989, PC-8801) by Hiromi Ohba
09 “Main Theme” – Oxyd (1990, Atari ST) by Jürgen Piscol
10 “Title Screen, The End?” – Wolverine (1991, NES) by Geoff Follin
11 “The Missing Is” – Legend of Xanadu 2 (1995, PC Engine CD) by Falcom Sound Team J.D.K.
12 “Vite and Plack” – Demos (1992) by Jochen Feldkötter (Virgill)
13 “Main Theme” – Sokoban (1991, ZX Spectrum) by Agent-X
14 “Indoor Combat” – Illusion City (1991, MSX turboR) by Tadahiro Nitta, Yasufumi Fukuda, Koji Urita
15 “Main Menu” – Fuzzy’s World of Miniature Space Golf (1995, MS-DOS) by Loudness
18 “Guitar Slinger (Part 1)” – Demo (1993) by Jogeir Liljedahl

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