Episode #5: Italians in Space

Italo disco, as well as its later offshoots Eurobeat and Spacesynth, had a big impact on the development of game and demo music. This podcast is a collection of tunes that can trace their influences back to these styles.

Download Episode #5: Italians in Space (80 MB, mp3) here
…or watch it on Youtube


01 “Hold Me Tonight” – Misty Blue (1990, PC-8801) by Yuzo Koshiro
02 “Credits” – Kaze Kiri: Ninja Action (1994, PC Engine CD) by Daisuke Morishima
03 “Phenomenon Choir” – Demo (2000) by J. Lundqvist (MyVoice)
04 “Soul Supermarket” – Dangun Feveron (1998, Arcade) by Ryuichi Yabuki, Nanpei Misawa, Ryo Sakai
05 “To Be On Top (English Electric)” – Demo (2013) by Volker Buckow (Dr Future)
06 “Disco Blue Moon” – Rouge: Manatsu no Kuchibeni (1990, PC-8801) by Masahiro Kajihara
07 “BGM #2” – Blood Fighter (1994, Atari 800) by Tomasz Liebich
08 “Stage 1” – Battlestorm (1992, CDTV) by Titus
09 “Visual 5” – Cyber Block Metal Orange EX (1993, X68000) by Y.Furukawa, H.Sakimoto, M.Iwata
10 “Alternate Title” – Deep Core (1993, Amiga) by Tomas Danko
11 “Maido Okini!!” – DR^2 Night Janki (1995, PC-9801) by Shinji Orito, N. Shimokawa, Doza
12 “Italy” – OutRun Europa (1991, C64) by Jeroen Tel
13 “Battle Theme” – Last Armageddon (1990, PC Engine CD) by Hiroharu Hayama
14 “Trading Town of Redmont” – Ys III (1991, Mega Drive) by Yoshiaki Kubotera, Noriyuki Iwadare
15 “King Lizard” – Demo (2004) by Roelof Johan Calling Heerspink (Cerror)

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