Episode #18: Pinball Delusions

Welcome to the wonderful world of pinball music! This episode features a fairly eclectic mix of music from real pinball machines, demo scene-influenced Amiga and DOS soundtracks, awesome hard rock from 90s-era pinball games, and (almost) anything in between.

Download Episode #18: Pinball Delusions (82 MB, mp3) here
…or watch it on Youtube


01 “Main Theme” – Black Knight 2000 (1989, Pinball) by Dan Forden, Brian Schmidt, Steve Ritchie
02 “Menu Theme” – Pinball Illusions (1994, Amiga) by Olof Gustafsson
03 “Road King USA” – Tilt! (1995, MS-DOS) by Tommy Tallarico Studios, Mark Cooksey
04 “T-9101G_33” – Pinball Graffiti (1996, Saturn) by Pack-In-Video
05 “Main Table” – Dragon’s Fury (1991, Mega Drive) by T. Sakoda, M. Tsukamoto, T. Yamanishi
06 “Aquatic Adventure” – Obsession (1994, Atari STE) by Per Almered
07 “Multiball” – Whirlwind (1990, Pinball) by Chris Granner
08 “Whispy Stage” – Kirby’s Pinball Land (1993, Gameboy) by Tadashi Ikegami
09 “Movement (Muddy)” – The Pinball of the Dead (2002, Gameboy Advance) by Hitoshi Sakimoto
10 “Snooker Champ” – Silverball (1993, MS-DOS) by Robert Allen
11 “Quick Lock Theme 2” – Banzai Run (1993, Pinball) by Brian Schmidt
12 “Bonus Stage 3” – Devil’s Crush (1990, PC Engine) by Noriyuki Iwadare
13 “Intro” – Pinball Fantasies (1993, CD32) by Olof Gustafsson
14 “Title Screen” – Advanced Pinball Simulator (1989, Commodore 64) by David Dunn
15 “World Rally Fever 11” – Addiction Pinball (1998, Windows) by Bjørn A. Lynne
16 “Fun Fair” – Psycho Pinball (1995, MS-DOS) by Tim Bartlett
17 “Jackpot” – Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991, Pinball) by Chris Granner
18 “Cheep Cheep Pufferfish Battle” – Mario Pinball Land (2004, Gameboy Advance) by Kenichi Nishimaki
19 “The Present Timezone” – Pro Pinball: Timeshock! (1997, MS-DOS) by Jake Burns, Bruce Foxton
20 “The Castle” – 3-D Ultra Pinball: Creep Night (1996, Windows) by Timothy Steven Clarke

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