Episode #27: Chiptunes

The term ‘chiptune’ was originally coined for a sub-genre of Amiga music that incorporated instruments similar to those found in the music of 8-bit computers like the C64. Popular with the demo scene, this particular style was also frequently used in game soundtracks from that era. In this podcast we look back at almost 30 years of chiptune making, from the early beginnings with SIDMon and Protracker to more recent efforts by the tracking scene.

Download Episode #027: Chiptunes (87 MB, mp3) here
…or watch it on Youtube


01 “A New Beginning” – Demo (1997, AHX) by Geir Tjelta
02 “My First Console” – Demo (2007, XM) by Jakub Szelag (AceMan)
03 “Dragonfly” – Demo (XM) by Ulf Liedberg (Loonie)
04 “Victory” – Centerbase (1992, Amiga) by Karsten Obarski
05 “Enigma-Gun” – Demo (1990, SIDMon) by Eike Steffen (Romeo Knight)
06 “Titan #02” – Demo (2006, XM) by Roelof Heerspink (Cerror)
07 “In-Game BGM#1” – Hybris (1988, Amiga) by Paul van der Valk
08 “Enchanted Friday Nights” – Demo (2001, AHX) by Piotr Pacyna (JazzCat)
09 “Sextyfour” – Demo (1992, MOD) by Stello Doussis (Archon)
10 “Overworld Theme 1” – Dragonflight (1990, Amiga) by Jochen Hippel (Mad Max)
11 “My Valentine” – Demo (2001, XM) by Andreas Skaarung (Edzes), Dot
12 “Gatecrashing” – Demo (1995, MOD) by Kristoffer Schultz (Prophet)
13 “BGM #01” – Fuzzball (1991, Amiga) by John Carehag (Ziphoid), Tomas Dahlgren (Uncle Tom)
14 “Sleepy Sunflower” – Demo (2009, IT) by Hyochan Lee (Hyochan)
15 “In-Game” – Battle Squadron (1989, Amiga) by Ron Klaren
16 “Cool as a Cucumber” – Demo (IT) by Jake Kaufman (Virt)
17 “Minako?-g80” – Demo (2007, MOD) by Tommi Arrela (Chavez), Anders Erik Carlsson (Goto80)
18 “Stranglehold” – Demo (1995, XM) by Jeroen Tel (Wave)

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