Episode #28: IDES

IDES was the parent company of labels like Cocktail Soft, Fairytale, or Red Zone and one of the most prolific publishers of visual novels during the 1990s. With musicians like Akira Sato, Yuki Nakayama, Ryu Takami, or BAKI they also had a fairly impressive line-up of composers that created a huge library of awesome FM soundtracks on Japanese computers from that era.

Download Episode #028: IDES (79 MB, mp3) here
…or watch it on Youtube

Track announcements provided by Ed Wilson of PixelTunes Radio
Intro music by Paul van der Valk


01 “R_7” – Giza! XIX (1991, X68000) by Akira Sato, BAKI, Ryu Takami
02 “Innocent Soldier” – Demon City (1993, PC-9801) by Kiyotaka Sato, MUSE
03 “Premonition” – Kimi Dake ni Ai o… (1991, X68000) by Akira Sato, BAKI, Ryu Takami
04 “Opening 1” – X-na (1991, X68000) by Yuki Nakayama, Kiyotaka Satou
05 “Attack” – Marine Philt (1993, PC-9801) by Akira Sato, Naoki Kanamori, Kiyotaka Sato, MUSE
06 “Plasma of Love 100%” – Dengeki Nurse 2 (1994, PC-9801) by Naoki Kanamori, Akira Sato, MUSE
07 “Theme” – Mayumi (1992, X68000) by MUSE
08 “AG07” – Angel (1993, PC-9801) by Naoki Kanamori, MUSE
09 “Kyarun” – Can Can Bunny 5: Extra (1993, X68000) by MUSE
10 “Opening” – Himitsu no Hanazono (1992, X68000) by Kanta Watanabe
11 “Sorrow” – Chiemi (1993, PC-9801) by Akira Sato
12 “Don’t Call the Teacher” – Welcome to Pia Carrot (1996, PC-9801) by Tomohiro Takatsuka
13 “Cabaret” – Urotsuki Doji (1990, X68000) by Akira Sato, Yuki Nakayama
14 “Opening” – Kurutta Kajitsu (1992, X68000) by MUSE
15 “U_07” – Kounai Shasei (1992, X68000) by Funky Seta, Nobuhiro Makino, Mito Unit, Shinchan
16 “Final Battle” – Romance wa Tsurugi no Kagayaki (1995, PC-9801) by Akira Sato
17 “Live!” – Strawberry Daisenryaku (1990, X68000) by Masami Yitsuse, Kiyotaka Sato
18 “Credit Roll” – Illumina! (1990, PC-8801) by Akira Sato
19 “Ending” – Giza! XIX (1991, X68000) by Akira Sato, BAKI, Ryu Takami

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