Episode #30: Forever Minor

Just another bunch of random stuff which I have been listening to lately. And by lately, I mean for the last 30 years or so. Enjoy the show!

Download Episode #30: Forever Minor (80 MB, mp3) here
…or watch it on Youtube

Track announcements provided by Ed Wilson of PixelTunes Radio
Intro music by Paul van der Valk


01 “Ocean Trip” – Anno 1602 (1998, Windows) by Starlight Systems
02 “Minor-1′” – Nouten Densetsu (1993, X68000) by Takahiro Yonemura (CHEMOOL)
03 “Playing Tamaire” – Napple Tale: Arsia in Daydream (2000, Dreamcast) by Yoko Kanno
04 “Forever” – Demo (2005, Atari 8-Bit) by Bartek Wasiel (BeWu)
05 “View of Dynamism” – Rolling Thunder 2 (1991, Mega Drive) by Ayako Saso
06 “Main Menu” – Miami Chase (1990, Amiga) by Jimmy Fredriksson
07 “I Have an Enemy” – Dawn Merry-Go-Round (1993, PC-8801) by NT-3
08 “Jammin’ For Nothing” – Demo (1992, MOD) by Aleksi Eeben (Heatbeat)
09 “Lagoon” – Fury of the Furries (1993, MS-DOS) by Frédéric Motte
10 “Lord Krutor’s Dominion” – Jets’n’Guns (2004, Windows) by Machinae Supremacy
11 “Stage 1 BGM (Coryoon)” – Demo (MDX) by superjarikun
12 “World 1” – CarVup (1990, Atari ST) by Matt Furniss
13 “Little Angel -Duel Mix-” – Guardian Recall: Shugojuu Shoukan (1996, PC-9801) by Nanki Shirahama
14 “Name Entry” – Fly Harder (1993, Commodore 64) by Adam Bulka, Michael Hendriks
15 “All’s Well That Ends Well” – Legend of the Mystical Ninja (1991, SNES) by Kazuhiko Uehara, Harumi Ueko

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