Episode #33: Danish Delights

Like elsewhere in Europe, the late 1980s saw the rise of the Danish demo scene, a vibrant (lol) environment that created some of the most well-known computer musicians of that era. This podcast features a collection of tracks from games and demos ‘Made in Denmark’ on various 8 and 16 bit systems.

Download Episode #33: Danish Delights (71 MB, mp3) here
…or watch it on Youtube

Track announcements provided by Ed Wilson of PixelTunes Radio
Intro music by Paul van der Valk


01 “Title Screen” – Georg Glaxo (1993, Amiga) by Jesper Olsen (JO)
02 “Space Boss” – The Adventures of Batman and Robin (1995, Mega Drive) by Jesper Kyd
03 “Main Theme” – Rocky Star (1988, Commodore 64) by Kim Christensen (Future Freak)
04 “Title Tune” – Lollypop (1994, MS-DOS) by Torben Hansen (Metal), Thomas Mogensen (Drax)
05 “The Alibi” – Demo (1989, Commodore 64) by Thomas Petersen (Laxity)
06 “Gorgeous (Soundblaster Version)” – Demo (1992, MS-DOS) by Jens-Christian Huus (JCH)
07 “Jane’s Theme” – CoverGirl Strip Poker (1991, Commodore 64) by Thomas Bendt (Scortia)
08 “Tomorrow” – Demo (1992, Amiga) by Martin Larsson (Liquid)
09 “Rain” – Krestology 100% (1996, Commodore 64) by Morten Kristensen (MSK)
10 “Ending” – Hermetic (1993, Commodore 64) by Thomas Mogensen (Drax)
11 “Human Target” – Human Target (1992, Amiga) by Anders Bukh (Static)
12 “In-Game Music” – Stormlord (1989, Commodore 64) by Johannes Bjerregaard

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