Episode #35: Codemasters

Codemasters were one of the UK’s biggest publishers of budget games, and one of the few companies to still develop original 8-bit computer titles when most publishers had already abandoned that market in the early 90s. While most of their games originated on the ZX Spectrum, it was usually the C64 and Amiga ports that featured the most impressive soundtracks, supplied by a stellar line-up of composers like Allister Brimble, David Whittaker, Steve Barret, or Matt Gray.

Download Episode #35: Codemasters (73 MB, mp3) here
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Track announcements provided by Ed Wilson of PixelTunes Radio
Intro music by Paul van der Valk


01 “Title Screen” – Tarzan Goes Ape! (1991, C64) by Steve Barrett
02 “Title Screen” – Pro Boxing Simulator (1991, Amiga) by Allister Brimble
03 “In-Game Music” – Treasure Island Dizzy (1989, C64) composed by David Whittaker, arranged by Matt Gray
04 “Title Screen” – Poltergeist (1987, C64) by David Whittaker
05 “Main Menu” – Pro Tennis Simulator (1990, Amiga) composed by Gavin Raeburn, arranged by Lyndon Sharp
06 “Title Screen” – Slightly Magic (1991, C64) by Allister Brimble
07 “Name Entry” – BMX Simulator (1993, NES) by Gavin Raeburn
08 “Title Screen” – DJ Puff’s Volcantic Capers (1992, C64) by Gerard Gourley
09 “In-Game Music” – CJ’s Elephant Antics (1991, Amiga) composed by Ashley Hogg, arranged by Allister Brimble
10 “Title Screen” – Motocross (1989, C64) by Matt Gray
11 “Level 1” – Mean Machine (1991, Amiga) by Allister Brimble
12 “Title Screen” – Super Robin Hood (1987, C64) by David Whittaker
13 “Title Screen” – Violator (1991, Amiga) by Matthew Simmonds
14 “In-Game Music” – Magic Land Dizzy (1990, C64) by Steve Barrett
15 “Title Screen” – Boomerang Kid (1993, NES) by Allister Brimble
16 “Code Entry” – Steg the Slug (1992, C64) by Ashley Hogg

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