Episode #36: Carl Lewis Unplugged

Carl Lewis is a former track and field athlete who won nine Olympic gold medals and is one of only three Olympic athletes who won a gold medal in the same event in four consecutive Olympic Games. This is all awesome, but did he ever spend an entire afternoon listening to MDX files? Does he know who Chris Hülsbeck is, or how different revision 3 and 4 of the SID chip can sound like? Well, I don’t know to be honest, but what I do know is that I wouldn’t trade nine gold medals for this stuff.

Download Episode #36: Carl Lewis Unplugged (68 MB, mp3) here
…or watch it on Youtube

Track announcements provided by Ed Wilson of PixelTunes Radio
Intro music by Paul van der Valk


01 “Title Screen” – The Carl Lewis Challenge (1992, Amiga) by Chris Hülsbeck
02 “Stage 1” – Olteus II (1991, X68000) by Yasunari Onishi, Tetsuya Okita
03 “In-Game BGM” – Paranoimia (1991, Commodore 64) by Michael Hendriks
04 “Dragon Shrine” – Imagical Musion Depot Vol.2 (1995, PC-8801) by yon
05 “Unplugged” – Inner Worlds (1996, MS-DOS) by Daniel Hansson
06 “Installer” – True Golf Classics: Pebble Beach Golf Links (1992, PC-9801) by Shigekazu Kamaki, Yumi Kinoshita
07 “Banana Split” – Demo (1993, MOD) by Juha Kujanpää (Dizzy)
08 “Intro” – Fluid-Kha (1993, Atari 8-bit) by Tomasz Liebich
09 “Cycling” – Demo (MDX) by R.Terada
10 “Extended Intro” – Timezone (1989, Commodore 64) by Markus Schneider, Jens Blidon
11 “BGM 1” – Racing Hero (1990, Arcade) by Hikoshi Hashimoto
12 “Space Gravitation” – Demo (MOD) by Gustaf Grefberg (Lizardking)
13 “Managing Menu” – Ace 2088 (1988, ZX Spectrum) by Sean Conran

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