Episode #41: Dr.Awesome

Bjørn Lynne aka Dr.Awesome is a Norwegian composer who started his career as a member of the demo group Crusaders and went on to compose the soundtracks for a number of games on Amiga and PC. His style draws influences from genres like electronic prog, synth rock, and ambient, creating soundscapes that were pretty unique for that era of video games.

Download Episode #41: Dr.Awesome (67 MB, mp3) here
…or watch it on Youtube

Track announcements provided by Ed Wilson of PixelTunes Radio
Intro music by Paul van der Valk


01 “Niagra” – Escape from Colditz (1990, Amiga) by Bjørn Lynne
02 “Blood” – Fantastic Voyage (1991, Amiga) by Bjørn Lynne
03 “BGM 2” – Loop Bomberman Online (2001, Browser Game) by Bjørn Lynne
04 “Alien Territory (Edit)” – Hotwired (Music Disk) (1990, Amiga) by Bjørn Lynne
05 “Moongazer” – Cubulus (1991, Amiga) by Bjørn Lynne
06 “Bud Peculiar (Edit)” – Bass-O-Matic (Music Disk) (1991, Amiga) by Bjørn Lynne
07 “Andante” – Morphello (1995, MS-DOS) by Bjørn Lynne
08 “Cyberlife 1” – AM/FM Special Disk #4 (1991, Amiga) by Bjørn Lynne
09 “Evil Pumpkin-Head (Edit)” – Pig Detective (1998, Windows) by Bjørn Lynne
10 “Space Deliria” – Project-X (1992, Amiga) by Bjørn Lynne

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