Episode #47: Knick-Knack

An episode with fantastic music covering a wide area of topics such as other-worldly champions, cat secretaries, questionable learning methods, and whatever happens in Nancy’s room. Enjoy!

Download Episode #47: Knick-Knack (73 MB, mp3) here
…or watch it on Youtube

Track announcements provided by Ed Wilson of PixelTunes Radio
Intro music by Paul van der Valk


01 “Cosmic Hero” – Nex Machina (2017, Windows) by Ari Pulkkinen
02 “Knick-Knack” – Demo (1995, Amiga) by Piotr Bendyk (XTD)
03 “Lead The Van” – Dragon Knight 4 (1994, X68000) by Witch
04 “Shinin’ Queen” – Cleopatra Fortune (1996, Arcade) by Shuichiro Nakazawa
05 “Learn It the Hard Way” – Coococ #10 (1989, Commodore 64) by Edwin van Santen
06 “Nancy’s Room” – Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes (2011, Windows) by Kevin Manthei
07 “Staff Roll” – Mesuneko Hishoshitsu (1995, PC-9801) by Yuki Nakayama (PANDA)
08 “I Want You” – Burning Rubber (1993, Amiga) by Tim Haywood
09 “Scene 2” – Star Parodier (1992, PC Engine CD) by Hiroshi Saito
10 “Mission 5” – Lock On (1993, SNES) by Akihiko Mori
11 “Title Screen” – Jars’Revenge (2011, Commodore 64) by Sascha Zeidler (Linus)
12 “Crush” – Descent II (1996, MS-DOS) by Brian Luzietti
13 “MUSIC 2” – Sex (1995, PC-9801) by Arika Nishimura (VWN)
14 “Fountain of Sighs” – Demo (1995, Amiga) by Adam Skorupa (Scorpik)

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