Episode #51: Streets of Rage

During the late 80s new genres of electronic music like house and techno were hitting the mainstream. These styles were also adopted by game composers and demo artists and became an ingredient of many soundtracks of the following decade. This podcast features a selection of tracks inspired by club music of that era arranged for contemporary FM sound hardware.

Download Episode #51: Streets of Rage (75 MB, mp3) here
…or watch it on Youtube

Track announcements provided by Ed Wilson of VGMbassy
Intro music by Paul van der Valk


01 “World 10 -Desert-” – Rhyme☆Star (1994, PC-9801) by Takeshi Abo
02 “Endless Fire 3 Monyons Mix” – Spanner-X: Endless Fire (1994, X68000) by MK-2, Monyons
03 “OX” – Power Slave (1995, PC-9801) by Naoto Ishikawa, Jirou Kida
04 “1995” – Duel Fighter (1996, X68000) by Kouite
05 “Quasar Radio Source” – Muzax Part III (1995, MSX2) by Maarten van Strien (Wolf)
06 “Yonatan House Three Ver.2” – Demo (1991, X68000) by Keishi Yonao (YONA)
07 “Here We Go Go!” – Alien Storm (1990, Arcade) by Keisuke Tsukahara
08 “Another Side of the Wave” – FMP Music Disk III (1996, PC-9801) by Daisuke Takahashi (KID)
09 “Crude Buster -The Lifeline of New York” – Two Crude Dudes (1991, Mega Drive) by Hitoshi Sakimoto
10 “Be Your Age! Arrange A” – Demo (X68000) by K.OGINO
11 “Battle on the Boat” – Dark Seraphim (1995, PC-9801) by Kure Software Koubou
12 “Human Sniper” – XX-Files R (1996, X68000) by Pyx
13 “BGM #34” – Lethal Crash Race (1993, Arcade) by Soshi Hosoi
14 “That’s Thrice” – Thrice (1991, X68000) by Yuzo Koshiro

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