Episode #53: Namnam Special

For the last show of this year, we have a selection of great game and demo tracks that touch on a wide variety of themes such as disorderly legislation, dinosaurs, Finnish polka, and the first CPC track ever to be played on the podcast.

Download Episode #53: Namnam Special (70 MB, mp3) here
…or watch it on Youtube

Track announcements provided by Ed Wilson of VGMbassy
Intro music by Paul van der Valk


01 “Intro” – No Second Prize (1992, Amiga) by Matthias Steinwachs
02 “Title Screen” – Alderan (1991, C64) by Stein Pedersen, Ole Marius Pettersen
03 “Super Fantasy” – Shrines of Enigma (1995, MSX2) by Jan van Valburg (Jinx)
04 “Chaotic Law” – Majin Tensei (1994, SNES) by Hidehito Aoki
05 “Adversity” – Imagical Musion Depot Vol.2 (1995, PC-8801) by Akito Monden
06 “Area 99 – Transport Bay” – Astrocounter of Crescents (1996, MS-DOS) by Kwak Dong-Il, Kwon Goo-Hee
07 “Yoshiki’s Theme from Doukyuusei 2” – FMP Music Disk 2 (1995, PC-9801) by TAN-Y
08 “Start from Mountain Village” – Metal Slug 3D (2006, PS2) by Toshikazu Tanaka
09 “Title Screen” – Wells And Fargo (1988, CPC) by César Astudillo
10 “Don-Hya-RaRa” – Demo (MDX) (X68000) by Tomsan & Magic Boon
11 “Dippy the Dinosaur” – Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck (1993, Mega Drive) by Matt Furniss
12 “Myönnytys Polska (Edit)” – Demo (MOD) (1993, Amiga) by Juha Kujanpää (Dizzy)
13 “Vast Valley” – Continue (199x, X68000) by Nin Nin
14 “Namnam Special” – DMC Demo III (1988, C64) by Johannes Bjerregaard
15 “Fated Pledge (Silent Version)” – Love Escalator (1998, PC-9801) by Naoto Ishikawa (Xacs)

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